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Expert Reactive Self-Adhesive Target Booklet



The Timber Creek Outdoor Target Line was designed by a shooter with shooters in mind. The 5” Expert Reactive Self-Adhesive Targets come in a tear-out booklet. No more watching your unused targets fly away in the wind or get lost and crushed in your range bag. Each sheet has one 5" self-adhesive target. Simply peel and stick the patch over the existing bullet holes to repair and shoot again or place on any item you want to shoot at.

    Timber Creek Reactive Targets will instantly show you where your round impacted the target with a bright red burst! No more having to walk downrange or costly spotting scope required. See where you hit and adjust on the next shot..

    • Reactive red burst when shot
    • 10 Sheets to a booklet
    • High Quality Paper

    ** Dealer orders come in an Inner Case Pack of 10